Debt and Savings Tracker mini bundle (Printable)
Debt and Savings Tracker mini bundle (Printable)
Debt and Savings Tracker mini bundle (Printable)

Debt and Savings Tracker mini bundle (Printable)

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When you are budgeting every month, a very useful way to keep track of your debt payments and how much you are saving, is to record it onto a debt or saving goal tracker.


  • Keep a note of what you are devoting to debt or savings each month.
  • Feel more in control of where your money is going. 
  • Make decisions for the rest of the year, based on your progress towards your goals. 
  • Feeling more motivated and a stronger sense of achievement - you can see your progress led out n black and white. 
  • You can colour in your progress on the thermometer versions. 

For me, it gave me a real sense of pride that I was paying off my debt and ensuring I had an emergency fund of £1000 in place.

What's included: 

  • page 1 - Debt tracker chart.
  • page 2 - Thermometer debt tracker chart. 
  • page 3 - Savings goal tracker chart
  • page 4 - Thermometer saving goal tracker chart. 
  • page 5 - Yearly Savings Goals planning sheet 
  • page 6 - Instructions on how to use. 

Size will fit:

  • UK A4 size paper
  • US letter size paper

*It is recommended to print this tracker on heavier cardstock (110gsm or 120gsm) rather than standard copy paper. 

**This is an instant download.  There will not be anything mailed to your home.  By purchasing this product, you realize it is limited for use by only the purchaser and may not be re-distributed in any way.

Debt and Savings Tracker mini bundle (Printable)