Smash Your Budget Manual (Printable) 70 + pages

Smash Your Budget Manual (Printable) 70 + pages

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When you are budgeting every month, a very useful way to keep track of your money is to make a budget. Here I bring together many of my tried and tested budgeting resources, personally developed by me. 

These are the sheets I used to help me and my husband, who I refer to as Mr Budget out of debt, saving more money and now being able to plan for our future. 

We started our process with $30,000 debt, and no savings. 

Now we are debt free, overpaying our mortgage and able to sleep easy as we have a fully funded emergency fund, and adding to our long term savings. 

Benefits of using the Smash Your Budget Manual:

  • Become more aware of what your monthly household bills are every month and have a pictorial view of when they are due. 
  • Feel more in control of where your money is going. 
  • Make decisions for the month and keep on track with your financial goals.
  • Feel more motivates as you can see your progress over the months and years. 
  • Finally get out of the overspending loop and get out debt. 
  • Rest easier, as emergencies are saved for. 

For me, it gave me a real sense of control over where my money was going and informed my decision making for my next month's budget. 

What's included: 

  • Cover sheet for manual
  • Budget sheets for the year x 12 months 
  • Expense tracker x 12 months 
  • Cash envelopes x 7 
  • Bill tracker calendar x 12 months 
  • Debt and savings tracker mini bundle (4 sheets)
  • Subscription tracker x 12 months (6 sheets) 
  • Ongoing Subscription tracker (1 sheet)
  • Savings Goal Tracker 
  • Yearly Savings Goals sheet x 1 
  • Sinking fund envelopes x 7 
  • Instructions with each part of the manual. 

Size will fit:

  • UK A4 size paper
  • US letter size paper 


Why not start today on the road to a better financial future, with less stress and more options! 

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